Smooth or Standard Verbatim Transcription Styles

Smooth Transcription Style

Accurately captures everything spoken by participants but for readability purposes omits:

  • False starts (words spoken at the beginning of a sentence which the speaker quickly corrects with a change of direction).
  • Repetitions.
  • Excessive use of filler words such as ‘um’, ‘you know’and ‘like’.


  • Style preferred by 95% of clients.
  • Suits any transcription requirements which do not demand linguistic analysis.


I would expect that if you were silent on this point in the rule, the utilities would likely propose something in their specific programs, and that, I think, creates the kind of flexibility we were hoping for as we crafted the statute.


Standard transcription rates apply to transcripts in this style. To obtain a copy of our current rates sheet, please email:

Standard Verbatim Transcription Style

Constitutes a strict record of what was spoken by participants in a recording and as such:

  • Includes all false starts, repetitions and filler words which would ordinarily be excluded in standard slightly edited transcription.
  • Retains grammatically incorrect speaker idiosyncrasies.
  • Excludes paralinguistic and nonverbal communication covered under conversational analysis.


Often requested by clients who seek to undertake basic linguistic analysis of transcripts.


Interviewee: The um fox –the –the quick brown fox jumps ah over the lazy dog.


A 50% surcharge applies for strict verbatim transcription. A further 50% surcharge applies for full sound checking to ensure complete accuracy. To obtain a copy of our current rates sheet, please email:

Custom Formatting

Also available. Please contact Kate for information and/or requests: