Brown & Meyers has 20+ years of experience in providing secure, HIPAA compliant transcription services to hundreds of medical and legal clients nationwide. In addition, Brown & Meyers utilizes Sharefile by Citrix for sending and receiving secure email messages with or without attachments, and enhanced workflow solutions via secure FTP. Faxing for both send and receive is also secure via our proprietary Classifax platform.

What is HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was enacted to ensure health insurance portability when workers change or lose their jobs as well as protecting the security and privacy of sensitive health information.

Secure Dictation Platform

Brown & Meyers uses WebchartMD secure dictation platform to ensure complete HIPAA compliance, confidentiality and security of your customers' information.

Protecting PHI in the Digital Workplace

Document history audit trail

Document history audit trail

WebChartMD takes the following steps to protect PHI from being  stored on the computers of employees involved in the production and management of patient healthcare information:

  • Many web-based systems inadvertently store files accessed  from a web-based application in a Temp  or temporary internet folder. WebChartMD’s system sweeps the user’s Temp  directory and automatically purges all PHI that was opened  by the user after each access to their online  account.
  • After transcribing and uploading a completed document, WebChartMD immediately purges the audio file from the transcriptionist’s computer.  A copy  of the completed transcription can be configured for storage on the transcriptionist’s computer in a hidden folder (ShadowCopy) for disaster recovery purposes and purged at a configurable time interval.

Audit & Security Features

audit trail attaches to every document.

Audit trail attaches to every document.

WebChartMD has the following primary features for Audit and Security:

  • All Web traffic is sent over a 128-bit encrypted SSL channel.
  • All dictations and documents are stored in an encrypted form in the database. A 256- bit AES (Rijndael) encryption scheme is used to accomplish this. The same scheme is also approved for securing TOP   SECRET US Government data by the NSA.
  • All passwords are stored using a one way  hash  and  a random salt value. When users authenticate  themselves  on  the web  portal,  the passwords entered are  hashed   as well  and only  hashes  are compared, thus increasing user password security.
  • WebChartMD allows  the Practice  as well  as the MT Vendor to edit documents  online  via   the  web   portal.  Prior  iterations  of  all   documents  edited  in  this  fashion   are preserved  as  well   to  maintain  full  history.  Thus, when   the  audit  trail   says   the document was  edited, the user is able  to look  in the prior iterations  and  see exactly what edit was done.
  • All Document and Dictation access is captured in an extensive audit trail, with every action taken against  the document or dictation being  made  available to view  via  the web  portal. Each  action is also  marked with a date/time  stamp, the type of  action, and the username of the person who performed the action (see image).
  • All document edits are stored in  a  Document  History archive, which   retains  each version of the document, and displays who made  edits and when.