Brown & Meyers Reporting provides certified transcripts of proceedings for courts, government and state agencies and individual law firms and legal professionals. We are proud that many members of the Brown & Meyers team are AAERT Certified.

AAERT certifiedWhy is this so important?

Established in 1995, AAERT’s ongoing certification program for electronic court reporters and transcribers is a test of our members’ professional skills by written examination, with digital focus.

The AAERT certifications are recognized as the leading certification for many courts and businesses throughout the United States. These certifications are growing in popularity in Canada and throughout the world due to the many years of professional development of our Best Practices Guide and proficient testing.

Receiving and holding an AAERT certification designation demonstrates a continuous dedication and knowledge of the digital court reporting and transcription profession. Completing the AAERT certification process represents proof of your professionalism and understanding of your trade.

Anyone holding a CER or CET is required to be recertified every (3)THREE years.

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